HILLMAN from Hillman Curtis on Vimeo.

I was saddened to hear about the recent passing of Hillman Curtis, a true pioneer in the world of design and creativity. In the video above, where you will see a man ravished from the cancer which would eventually kill him, you will also see a man who had the courage and drive to persue his creative calling.

Near the end of the video, he tells young designers to "be prepared to reinvent yourself."

"Be prepared to go out on a limb, occassionally. And be prepared to do the things that you feel strongly about, that maybe other people don't. That maybe don't have an immediate source of income or revenue. For me, what started out as a vacation, a creative vacation, from these bigger corporate jobs, has become my life calling."

I'm not a designer. And I'm certainly not young. But I've been on a journey, myself, that started out as a creative vacation. I think in some ways, this blog played a small part in getting me started on this journey. I move on down the road, inspired and energized. I hope this blog helped you feel that way at times, as well.

This will be my last post here.



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